$80 Track Season (February - July)

Individual USATF Memberships for athletes - $20 ( Required for some meets.  Also covers liability insurance.  You must sign up under the ICE.  Our club # is 54-0036.  Click on the icon to the top right to register online.)

Uniforms and operating costs - $60 ($40 may be credited back towards the purchase of a uniform and/or team shirt which the athlete may keep.)

$60/40 X-Country Season (August - November)

Individual USATF Memberships for athletes - $20 (If not already a member for the current year.)

Operating costs - $40 


I would like our athletes to have nice looking uniforms to develop team pride and unity, give them confidence when they step out onto the track, and to make them visible in order promote our club.  To assure we have the uniforms here in time for the Blaine County Hershey's meet, we'll need to order by the first part of March.  Click below to design you own uniform and shirts.  Plan on $10-15 per shirt to cover set-up fees and printing.  Our uniforms tops last year were white with black trim with black shorts and white trim, but feel free to get creative.

Design my Uniform

JL Sizing:
Youth - http://new.jltrack.com/page.youth_singlet_sizing.html
Womens - http://new.jltrack.com/page.women_singlet_sizing.html
Mens - http://new.jltrack.com/page.men_racetank_sizing.html