The Vision....

To develop goal oriented athletic leaders with strong character that lead by example, that live healthy and active lifestyles,  and that strive to excel in all they choose to do.   And a few podium finishes would be nice also.

Our Philosophy

Consistent moderate workouts over time produce the best results.  Workouts should be scientifically sound.  Young athletes will naturally get stronger and faster as their bodies mature.  Athletes that follow training plans and don't skip workouts will be instilled with a good work ethic and see that their  positive results come from dedication and discipline.  Athletes who are wishy washy might get a different message that I am not willing to send.

For the competitive, focus on speed development while young, but if necessary, let them experience success in the distance races.

For the non-competitive and the competitive, develop healthy habits and understanding for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Encourage cross-training in young athletes to develop muscle balance, over all athleticism, and active lifestyle.

Team Goals & Expectations

What you get
Each season every athlete will get a training plan customized to their age, training age, ability and goals.  When possible we will hold practices on a regular basis.  With our small #'s, we also do our best to work around everyone's schedules.  There will be times when the kids (at least the older kids) will meet or start practice without a coach.  These practices are not required for those who's parents aren't comfortable with this.  And on that note, parent's are always welcome and even encouraged to tag along at practice.

Expectations (of Athletes and Parents)
The coaches are not in this to make money.  We do not pay ourselves for the time we put in.  We do this as a service and find fulfillment in the work we do with our athletes.  In order to make it worth our time, a minimum level of commitment and dedication (or movement towards the said commitment for beginners) is also required on the part of the athletes and their parents.  Athletes must contribute positively to the team atmosphere through their attitude and work ethic. What we need most from parents is communication in scheduling workouts and in alerting coaches when adjustments need to be made to training plans due to conflicts, sickness, etc.  They should also help their athletes to follow through with their training plans and make sure they record their workouts in their training logs.
- Smart consistent training
- Develop work ethic in athletes
- Athletes find fulfillment in their personal accomplishments
- Take time for the small things that will make a difference
- Involve parents and siblings.
- Each athlete exercises 6 days a week and records their activities in a training log.
- Each athlete sets personal goals and benchmarks
- Athletes learn concepts of good nutrition
- Athletes understand the purpose of each exercise/ activity and become educated in exercise science and training theory
- No poor attitudes allowed
- Support and encourage all team members
- Workouts can be modified, but no short cutting allowed
- Good warm-up and cool-down
- Athletes should have at least 1 and preferable 2 pairs of good running shoes that can be rotated.  No sense training if you'll be injured because you don't have good shoes.  It also puts the coaches in and awkward postion of being nervous about assigning workouts without worrying about causing injury and other problems.  Vibram 5 fingers and other non-supportive shoes do not qualify as good running shoes.  While we believe there is benifit to some barefoot training, we do not want to be the guinea pigs for the latest maketing schemes.


$80 Track Season (February - July)

Individual USATF Memberships for athletes - $20 ( Required for some meets.  Also covers liability insurance.  You must sign up under the ICE.  Our club # is 54-0036.  Click on the icon to the top right to register online.)

Uniforms and operating costs - $60 ($40 may be credited back towards the purchase of a uniform and/or team shirt which the athlete may keep.)

$60/40 X-Country Season (August - November)

Individual USATF Memberships for athletes - $20 (If not already a member for the current year.)

Operating costs - $40 


I would like our athletes to have nice looking uniforms to develop team pride and unity, give them confidence when they step out onto the track, and to make them visible in order promote our club.  To assure we have the uniforms here in time for the Blaine County Hershey's meet, we'll need to order by the first part of March.  Click below to design you own uniform and shirts.  Plan on $10-15 per shirt to cover set-up fees and printing.  Our uniforms tops last year were white with black trim with black shorts and white trim, but feel free to get creative.

Design my Uniform

JL Sizing:
Youth -
Womens -
Mens -

Possible Meet Schedule

While we encourage athletes to go to meets (especially our association and regional meets), inability to travel to meets should not prevent kids from participating.  We'll provide ample opportunities for them to test themselves and set Personal Records in Practice.
5/3           Blaine County Hersheys @ Carey
5/24        YMCA Stat MS Championship @ Boise
5/30         Possible All-Comers Meet @ Boise
6/5           Possible All-Comers Meet @ Boise
6/13-14    Snake River Association Meet @ Timberline H.S. Boise  (USATF membership required)
6/20-21     Region 11 Meet @ Nampa, ID  (USATF membership required)
6/28          State Hersheys Meet @ Rexburg
7/12         Track City Classic @ Eugene, OR (Cancelled)
7/25-26     Team Idaho Classic @ Moutain View HS, Boise
7/21-27    Junior Olympic Nationals  @ Houston, TX

Active Recovery
8/8-9            Emmett Triathlon @ Emmett, ID

9/5            Wood River Invitational @ Elkhorn
9/20          Bob Firman Invitational @ Eagle Island State Park (Eagle, ID)
11/8          Snake River Assocition Meet @ Camel's Back Park (Boise,ID)
11/15        Nike Northwest Regional @ Eagle Island State Park (Eagle, ID)
12/6          Footlocker Regionals @ Walnut, CA
12/14        USATF Junior Olympic Nationals @ San Antonio, TX

Practice Schedule

Hailey & Carey
By appointment.


Brady Campbell  (208) 721-2638 -

Melanie Schrader Hopes to join us in the spring after her H.S. kids run at the state track meet.